Some secrets just can't be kept!

Find us at the State Fair!
The storefront will be closed, but find the Secret Garden on Wheels at the 2016 Nebraska State Fair in Grand Island, NE (Aug. 26-Sept.5). Enjoy smoothies, lattes and other goodies!

The Secret Garden started as a dream out of a bedroom of our house. When the word spread (as good secrets often do), we moved our business into an old farm office in our quonset. As we traveled to numerous craft shows across Nebraska, the secret was out! Our growing business led us to build a store on our farm with a peaceful country view complete with seasonal green house, outdoor patio, pergola, and gazebo. Our venture continues to expand as we hit the road each summer with the "Garden on Wheels" where we serve hot and cold beverages, baked goods, and treats. The Secret Garden is a unique destination and a secret that just can't be kept!
Find us at the NE State Fair!